The Women’s Business Development Council of Stamford Rolls Out the Red Carpet By Judy Heft

The Women’s Business Development Council of Connecticut Rolls Out the Red Carpet

On October 20, I along with 19 other women were honored by the Women’s Business Development Council of Connecticut. Some of us were there to celebrate our staying power (over 20 years in business for me!)  — and others were there for being revolutionaries in the short time they’ve been… Continue Reading..
Wine, Cheese, and Spreadsheets: Money Coaching Circles by Judy Heft

Wine, Cheese, and Spreadsheets: Money Coaching Circles by Judy Heft

Now that I am a Certified Money Coach®, I can put my gift for gab to good use by helping people figure out their relationship with money. I’ve documented my journey becoming a Certified Money Coach® (CMC®), including the concept of money types and looking back to childhood to explain… Continue Reading..
Grow a Philanthropist by Judy Heft

Grow a Philanthropist

I often spend my time wishing that my grand-babies could stay babies for as long as possible, but I recently discovered a book that makes me wish they were already reading. The Giving Book by Ellen Sabin is an introduction to philanthropy geared towards children between five and ten years… Continue Reading..
5 Must-Read Books This Spring By Judy Heft

5 Must-Read Books This Spring

Success is something you attract by the person you become. - Jim Rohn I've been turning over a new leaf recently, reading more and watching less television. This week I would like to share some of the page-turners that have been keeping me occupied. Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod This… Continue Reading..

How To Be Smart, Successful, & Organized With Your Money

Each new day, as the sun begins its journey from Chesapeake Bay to the Golden Gate, stories are taking shape across our great country. The challenges we face are at once unique and universal: Protecting the people we love by providing stability and a sound legacy. In my book, How To Be… Continue Reading..
Becoming a Certified Money Coach By Judy Heft

Becoming a Certified Money Coach

I’ve decided to become a Certified Money Coach in the coming year. My goal is to help individuals or couples identify the root of their money problems—whether they have a lot of money or hardly any at all. What I hope to show people, and what I have discovered the… Continue Reading..

You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby: Who Are You Calling “Baby”?

I don’t wish to delve into presidential politics, but the issues the candidates discuss don’t belong to them. And when it comes to the problem of casual (and overt) sexism, women have been in the trenches fighting the good fight for hundreds of years. That’s why I was shocked while… Continue Reading..

Bright Lights and Bright People in the Big City

"The Dutch came to New York City and established a trading post there to make a buck, or to make a guilder." - Historian Kenneth Jackson And so began the hustle and bustle that would eventually come to be iconic of New York City. Whether you’re a “New York, New… Continue Reading..

A Teachable Moment: “Rock Bottom”

Hitting “rock bottom” is a relative term; it really depends on how far you allow yourself to fall. Sometimes it can be devastating to you or your loved ones, while other times rock bottom provides a firm foundation for something better. For instance, Manhattan has a rock bottom, but only… Continue Reading..

Helping Clients of Every Age

Many people assume that I work exclusively with elderly clients, and I get it: I am a former board member at Silver Source of Stamford, I have many clients who are seniors, and I love working with them. The truth is that only 30% of our client base can be… Continue Reading..