Saving Money in Familiar Places

Being American means being free, bold and friendly...unless you’ve ever dropped a bunch of coins on the ground and dared not to pick up the pennies. People will give you dirty looks! And you know what they are thinking: Oh, we have a big shot over here not picking up… Continue Reading..

A Day in the Life of a Financial Concierge

September may be the month of three-day weekends, but a Financial Concierge never rests! Who am I kidding? I am having a great September so far! After taking the month of August off from blogging, I am back with more stories to tell - like this diverse set of challenges… Continue Reading..

Daily Money Management for Every Age

Generally it’s not because they are unable to balance a checkbook or make a mortgage payment. They are just focused on more important things like establishing a career, running a house, building a family and leaving a legacy. Case study: Building a life A married couple in their mid 30s… Continue Reading..