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By avoiding public speaking, I was doing myself and my business a disservice.

Speak Up! By Judy Heft

I’ve always been in awe of good public speakers. I am often invited to be a public speaker, but for most of my life I have shied away from it — for all the usual reasons. I even tried Toastmasters for a while. Eventually, I realized that by not speaking at events I was limiting myself.  

So when I heard about a 21-day video blogging (vlogging) challenge for entrepreneurs, I was in. At first, I was worried that I wouldn’t find 21 things to talk about, but the challenges gives participants a different prompt of what to talk about every day. There is no time limit — though my goal is to:

  • tell you who I am;
  • tell you what I do and how I do it; and
  • get your feedback…

..in under three minutes.

Even though I’ve only done a few, the effect on me is clear. Right after I did one last week, I met somebody for breakfast and I realized the difference. I was able to access my passion and show it more easily one on one. I want to get more comfortable in front of the camera so I will shine like I do in person. Practice makes perfect.  

Already this has been a real growth experience for me, just by putting myself out there and being honest. I’ve received some really good, constructive feedback from some friends — and I’m becoming a regular set designer (the background is important).

In addition to enhancing your speaking skills, vlogging also helps your audience see the real you and not only the written word. Are you ready to video blog?

Watch my progress on this #21dayvideochallenge #itssafetoshine with Jenn Lederer:

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