Who needs a financial concierge? People who want peace in their life!

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Who needs a financial concierge? People who want peace in their life!

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Who needs a financial concierge? People who want peace in their life!

Who Needs a Financial Concierge? By Judy Heft

I think we’ve all been befuddled at some point or other, but it’s never worse than when it’s in an unfamiliar city. Luckily, most hotels have a concierge who will do whatever it takes to help you. So then what is a financial concierge?

Like a hotel concierge, a financial concierge bends over backwards to help you — pay bills, reconcile bank accounts, track charitable contributions, renegotiate your cable bill, categorize spending, and more.

Estates: When someone dies they leave behind historical documents, cherished mementos, and…junk. It’s an overwhelming task to be faced with while you are grieving and trying to keep up at work. We can help you organize anything from stamps to framed artwork — in addition to working with your attorney on estate matters.

Divorce: Thanks to personal experience, and the numerous divorce professionals I call friends, I am uniquely qualified to assist in daily money management matters of divorce. When I was going through my divorce I was shocked by how much time and effort it took on my and my ex-, actually, just my part. During this turbulent time of life, we help you create spending plans and get your life back in order.  

Empty Nesters: “Empty nest” has a sad connotation to some people, but many of my clients count down the days until they can fly to Milan because they need shoes. We will pick up your mail and pay your bills so that the lights are on and Netflix is blazing when you come back.

Multiple Properties: We can keep track of properties anywhere in the world — property taxes, utilities, snow removal, homeowners insurance, mail pickup, landscaping, etc. Very often, upon taking on an account, we are able to consolidate services and weed out things like duplicate insurance policies.

Our client list reflects the diversity of the east coast, from the still-working to the still-rockin’. If you would like to talk about how we can help you, contact us.

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