Accountability Buddies: Your Dream’s Best Friend

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Accountability Buddies: Your Dream’s Best Friend

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Like journaling, talking to someone about your goals can help guide you to them.

Accountability Buddies: Your Dream’s Best Friend By Judy Heft

I’ve written before about how much I enjoy journaling. There’s just something about articulating your thoughts that makes achieving your goals so much easier. Recently I discovered another life hack that works in a way similar to journaling.

I have an accountability buddy (AB)! Actually, I have a few: two for business and two groups for personal stuff. What does that mean? By telling these people about my life, I do the same thing that makes journaling so effective: I use words to describe problems that I thought were indescribable. The very act of choosing the words seems to increase my chances of succeeding at my goals.

One of my ABs and I met at a leadership event where I first learned about the idea of accountability buddies. We learned that having someone to confide in — about specific business decisions — can help bridge the gap between brainstorming and action. It also provides a means for getting things done.

Your AB can be located anywhere, and you can have as many as you want! There are Facebook groups that are dedicated to matching ABs. Your meetings can be over the phone, SMS, or even email. In fact, I’m a member of a group that “meets” strictly over email chains. The members of that group are located all over the country, but I was lucky enough to know the person who started it. Since she is local, we incorporate going to the gym into our routine.

Getting and being an AB does not need to be a huge commitment. Most of the programs encourage switching accountability buddies every quarter. It’s a great way to receive a 360-degree perspective and to be exposed to more original ideas!

Now that you know about accountability buddies — and how varied and informal the relationships can be — what’s stopping you from finding your own?  

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