A Day in the Life 2018

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Join me as I look at my day in order to build better systems.

A Day in the Life 2018 By Judy Heft

“No one person can be good at everything. It takes a real team to grow a business.”

Recently my search for a new employee at Judith Heft & Associates got me thinking about delegating. The topic had come up before at a coaching group, where we talked about creating turn-key systems that could essentially run our businesses on autopilot. And to do that, I have to look at how I spend my days.

  • I stretch to classical music for 20 minutes every morning. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something before I even leave the house. Plus, I enjoy doing it and it’s good for me.
  • Next I take a 45-minute walk around the woods close to where I live — after looking at my calendar for the day. I love to listen to my inspirational messages as I take in the sights and calming atmosphere of the trail. For about 10 of those minutes I am on the phone with my accountability buddy. Using an accountability buddy is a common practice in coaching, because saying things out loud to someone else helps you get them done; it keeps those things at the top of your mind — and your accountability buddy is most definitely going to follow up with you.
  • When I get home from my walk with the deer and bunnies, I try to take the time to read for a half hour. Like, a book, not Twitter.
  • It’s 8:30 am, and it’s time for me to head to a meeting. Then I head to the office where I can bosser (act like a boss), as they say in French.
  • Throughout the day, I only check my email about five times. It helps me stay focused, and it really only ends up being about an hour before I respond to any given email at the latest.
  • When I am done for the day and go home, I stop answering emails at 6:30 pm. What’s the point of all this working if I can’t enjoy life? Not to mention this whole idea of people being available 24/7 on their phones just seems like a bad deal, and I am not going to encourage it.

I’m going to look to my coaching group for innovative ideas and best practices for creating my New and Improved System 2018. When it’s complete, will I write about it? I’ll probably have a black tie dinner with several loose peacocks lording their tails around like they own the place. While you wait for that invitation, in the meantime, I hope you’ll do some introspection about your day. What can be delegated? What can be automated? Have you set limits to the time that you work?

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