3 Simple Hurricane Preparedness Tips

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3 Simple Hurricane Preparedness Tips

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A year ago next week, people from New Jersey to Boston became familiar with a name they are unlikely to forget: Sandy.

The effects of Sandy have been widely documented by the news and other bloggers. So, as I send you these cautionary tales from my blog last month – Identity Theft on Campus and College Credit Card Debt – I would like to offer a few others. 

3 Simple Hurricane Preparedness Tips

  • Fill your bathtub with water: This will allow you to scoop out water into your toilet so that you can flush it in the absence of running water.

  • Generators: Be mindful of carbon monoxide. A simple box fan near the exhaust of your generator can project the fumes away from you and your neighbors.

  • Write important phone numbers down: How many phone numbers on your phone do you have memorized? Write them down! You never know how a hurricane will play out.

When remembering Sandy and how close we all came to danger, think ahead on how to stay safe. Hurricane season continues through November.

Judith HeftJudith Heft, Principal, Judith Heft & Associates is a personal financial concierge with offices in Greenwich and Stamford. She can be contacted via email at judy@judithheft.com or by phone 203-978-1858.

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