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Last Friday started out like any other day. My daughter was nine months into her pregnancy, so I sent out my daily text to check on her. When 2:30 rolled around and I hadn’t heard back, I got the feeling that I was in the middle of becoming a grandmother.

Sure enough, a beautiful baby girl had made her first appearance on the stage of life at Columbia Presbyterian. The kids decided on the name Sadie for the baby, and I couldn’t be happier. Sadie Francis is named for her great grandfather and her great grandmother, two great people filled with personality and humor. An added bonus: The name Sadie is derived from the Hebrew word “princess” – and I am prepared to make that happen!

I got in my car and fastened my seat belt with record speed and efficiency. Driving into Manhattan, it seemed as if my adrenaline was driving the car instead of the engine. On the Henry Hudson my thoughts were a shambles.

A shambles (phrase): A scene or condition of complete disorder.

There were two people on my mind as I drove to New York City: My mom and dad. I was sure that they could see the miracle that was taking place.

While I was waiting for “the call” I realized that I did not know where Columbia Presbyterian is. So I did some Googling, and when I arrived I found parking a few blocks away. Disoriented, adrenaline giving me super strength, I jumped out of the car and asked the valet how to get to the hospital. He told me, and I nodded, and I said “Ok, thanks,” and I left the garage.

I was back 30 seconds later asking the same nice man, who was probably a grandfather, to repeat himself.

“Hey, it’s my first grandchild!” I quipped as I made my exit again, butterflies fluttering against the walls of my stomach.

It’s no wonder I was nervous. Sadie is so sweet and tiny and beautiful, I was so grateful to meet her! I immediately fell in love. She’s just a little doll, she has this tiny little pink nose and delicate little features. It was exactly like everyone said it would be:

The feeling of being a grandparent is like no other.

By the end of the day my daughter and her husband were visibly exhausted. Looking at them together, I could almost see into the future. I know that they are going to be excellent parents. I cooked them some food and left them to begin the real business of starting a family.

When I got home I sank into a chair, also exhausted. But satisfied. I don’t think I will ever forget June 2013. Join me next time when I will weigh the various insurance policies and advanced directives every parent should have in place.

14 Responses to “My Princess”

  1. This is wondeful, and such a delightful story. I just went through this with my daughter and brand new (and first) grandchild in December. And loving it! Enjoy beautiful little Sadie!


  3. May you only derive “nachas” (good tidings) from the newest edition to your family. Mazal tov!

  4. What wonderful news – you are very lucky – know you will enjoy every precious moment with Sadie! LOK

  5. Congratulations on welcoming your princess into the world, into your family, and into your heart! It is wonderful to have a little angel in your life. Hello Sadie!

  6. Congratulations. It is a wonder to be a grandparent. The best way to understand it is to become one. Mazel Tov. Sadie is a beauty. Blessings to you and family. Ken

  7. I loved your story. She is a beautiful princess and you will be the best Grandmother. Congratulations again!

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